Tween years: What is a Tween?

We’ve heard these age descriptions before:  baby, toddler, young child, teen.  But what about the years beTWEEN young child and teen?  The years of teeth too big for their face, changing bodies, and messy untamed hair, not yet a teen but not a small child anymore.

Looking back when my kids were small, I had my camera out all the time.  Their cherub faces and chubby legs made me want to kiss them up!  As teens, I have photographs of my kids for high school dances, sporting events, and of course senior pictures.

What seems lost, is the capture of these freckled face Tweens just as they are.   I remember oh too well what 5th grade felt like.  I’m sure I wore floods and the same favorite shirt every chance I got.  We didn’t have much money so I had maybe 2 shirts and my school uniform clothes.  I certainly didn’t feel pretty or even know it was possible.  That was saved for “other people.”MollyBlog1MollyBlog3

My older kids love for me to take their pictures.  For one, they get a new profile picture that is not a selfie.  But they also get to see themselves how we see them, beautiful.  The confidence in their faces is instant.  There’s a “wow that’s me” look and smile that is priceless.  I see the same expression on my senior’s faces when I show them their images for the first time.  The confidence they gain is what every parent hopes for.

I decided to photograph my tween daughter to capture her personality before she becomes a young lady. And, like magic, the smile and confidence was instant.  Wouldn’t it be great to spread this self confidence, help tweens feel comfortable in their own skin, and be proud of who they are?  It is my mission to build them up just as they are.MollyBlog3Molly and Annie-074-Edit

Beauty is not for “other people”, it is for everyone.

If you or your daughter are interested in a tween session, fill out the information on the contact me page or give me a call. There is a $250 session fee that would be applied toward any portraits you decide to order.  There is no minimum portrait order.



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