Carter | Totino-Grace High School | Senior Boy

There is no denying high school seniors are my favorite to photograph. It’s an important milestone for them and an honor for me to document it. Once the session is done, the images have been edited, I bring the senior and their parents back to the studio to view a slideshow of their gallery.

Watching the seniors face light up when they see themselves on screen gives me all sorts of feel goods inside. Sometimes it boosts their confidence. Sometimes it gives them a confidence that has been missing. Watching mom’s eyes swell with tears, pride; it makes my heart so full.

Sure, I could post their images on a website and have them pick out their favorite 8×10’s and 5×7’s, but then I would miss the experience of the excitement and emotion. This is the reason I love high school seniors so much. This is my reason, my purpose.

This is Carter. Carter is a Senior at Totino-Grace High School. He is super funny and witty. He is also the son of my uncle; so I guess we’re cousins. My uncle being similar in age to me, is more of a brother, and Carter more like a nephew. Anyway, enough of the family dynamics. My point is, I felt a little added pressure to deliver a gallery I hoped they would love.

Another reason: I know right away if they love them or not. Their faces tell me everything I need to know and I’m not left keeping myself up at night wondering if they love them or hate them.

After graduation, Carter plans to pursue studies in the engineering field. Congratulations Carter on finally reaching your senior year! It’s a momentous year of lasts; last football games, last prom, last high school level/club swim meets, last year of khaki and navy uniforms…. But next year brings a world of firsts, embrace them all. Have a great year Carter and thank you for letting me be a part of it. I really enjoyed spending this time with you. ~Babe


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