Robby | Andover High School | Class of 2018

High School Seniors…. they’re a fun group caught in the middle of being a kid and adulting. They’re on the launching pad of their future and what they make of it. As parents we’re often times hanging on by a thread to the memory of their chubby little faces and thighs in overalls. It seems like yesterday.

Meet Robby, or Bob as his parents call him. He really wasn’t into this whole senior picture thing. He was doing it for his mom. He was a good sport about it. His dad came with him to the session, but quickly left to get Robby’s gun he’d forgotten at home. If he was doing this, he was going to get something “BA” out of it. We started around the NE Minneapolis studio, Robby didn’t say much, went along with whatever suggestions I had. Once in a while he’d shoot me a look like I was crazy, but still went along with things.

Once his dad returned, he put on his flannel shirt and grabbed his gun. It was like a different kid just showed up. He loosened up a bit, gave a few smirks I hadn’t seen from him before. I think the real Robby showed up. There was a moment as we were outside the studio that had us all cracking up a bit. I had him set up for a shot with his gun. Barrel of the gun pointed upward and away from me. Oddly, it was pointed right at the Northstar Metro Transit train that just happened to be passing by. Whoops! I did give him a quick glance at the back of my camera and Robby approved, it was BA, followed by a smirk and a nod. Pat myself on the back for that photographer win!

We ended the session a short drive from the studio at an abandon railway bridge on the Mississippi. Built in the 1860’s it made for a really cool location despite being surprised by a sleeping homeless man who I thought was dead.

Congratulations Robby on your senior year!

To Robby’s parents, thank you so much for trusting me.


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