Kennedy | Class of 2017

Happy Fall y’all!  I am so far behind on my blogging.  I’m going to start with my most current and work my way backwards.  This is Kennedy.  Isn’t she gorgeous!  She has a beautiful soul inside of her and is so thoughtful of others, I was so excited to capture her outer beauty and show it to her.

Kennedy had a vision for her session.  She is a die hard hockey fan, which of course includes the Minnesota Wild.  She and her dad have season tickets and this is how they spend quality time together. For this reason, she introduced me to the “other” city.  I actually crossed the river and headed to St. Paul. WOW!  I wished I would have done this long ago.  I love character in my backgrounds.  St. Paul has beautiful architecture that has a touch of class when compared to it’s twin, Minneapolis.

Kennedy knew she wanted a city feel to her session and the Xcel as a backdrop was a must for her. Meanwhile, mom also had a few on her list.  Let me back up a little.  Mom is a picture person.  Like takes 1000 pictures of her kids monthly, kind of picture person.  She captures every important moment in their life.  Every important moment until last spring……  Kennedy’s Junior Prom would of course be a very important moment for mom to document.  Kennedy and her mom talked about her dress, hair, make-up, and shopped, and talked some more about this exciting time.  Kennedy’s mom was also 9 months pregnant during this time with Kennedy’s 3rd sister.  Yep 4 girls!!!  Well, as girls are, baby Brinley made her grand entrance the day before Prom.  You can imagine the kick in the stomach this was for Melanie -literally!  She wasn’t able to be a part of this much anticipated day.  She wouldn’t be able to help her daughter get ready or capture Kennedy in all of her gorgeousness.  Mom’s only request:  she wanted a picture of her daughter looking all glam in her prom dress.  Whoops!

During Kennedy’s consultation, Melanie shared this story with me.  I could see how important this was to her and the disappointment on her face knowing she won’t get this back……or could she?

We started Kennedy’s session in her prom dress.  Followed by Kennedy in her cap and gown.  Kennedy won’t be walking the traditional line to receive her diploma this year as she is getting a head-start on her college courses through PSCO.  Another picture mom wasn’t going to be able to document…..but I could!

Yesterday I met with Kennedy and her parents for her gallery reveal.  I play the gallery in a slideshow complete with music.  This is my favorite part of each session.  To see the faces of Kennedy and her parents as they watched the slideshow of her gallery, there is no greater reward.  When a senior finally see’s herself and how beautiful she is, this is why I do this!  It gives me purpose.  I left with my heart so full!

As I shared with her mom through some email exchange this morning, “Kennedy you are a beautiful young woman, but in your father’s eyes you are still 5, so we’ll just keep that to ourselves!”1-1kennedyblog2-1kennedyblog                                                                                                                                                         brinley

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Fall Half-Pint Family Portrait Sessions

Hi everyone!  October 2 and October 8, I will have limited sessions available for Half-Pint, (or mini), family portraits.  This is a great time to update your family portrait or get your Christmas cards prepared. Included is the 20 minute session and 8 digital images available for download.  This is a super awesome deal as I don’t offer Half-Pint sessions any other time of the year.  So if you’ve been looking to schedule, this is your time to give me a try.  FallHalfPint2017

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Tween years: What is a Tween?

We’ve heard these age descriptions before:  baby, toddler, young child, teen.  But what about the years beTWEEN young child and teen?  The years of teeth too big for their face, changing bodies, and messy untamed hair, not yet a teen but not a small child anymore.

Looking back when my kids were small, I had my camera out all the time.  Their cherub faces and chubby legs made me want to kiss them up!  As teens, I have photographs of my kids for high school dances, sporting events, and of course senior pictures.

What seems lost, is the capture of these freckled face Tweens just as they are.   I remember oh too well what 5th grade felt like.  I’m sure I wore floods and the same favorite shirt every chance I got.  We didn’t have much money so I had maybe 2 shirts and my school uniform clothes.  I certainly didn’t feel pretty or even know it was possible.  That was saved for “other people.”MollyBlog1MollyBlog3

My older kids love for me to take their pictures.  For one, they get a new profile picture that is not a selfie.  But they also get to see themselves how we see them, beautiful.  The confidence in their faces is instant.  There’s a “wow that’s me” look and smile that is priceless.  I see the same expression on my senior’s faces when I show them their images for the first time.  The confidence they gain is what every parent hopes for.

I decided to photograph my tween daughter to capture her personality before she becomes a young lady. And, like magic, the smile and confidence was instant.  Wouldn’t it be great to spread this self confidence, help tweens feel comfortable in their own skin, and be proud of who they are?  It is my mission to build them up just as they are.MollyBlog3Molly and Annie-074-Edit

Beauty is not for “other people”, it is for everyone.

If you or your daughter are interested in a tween session, fill out the information on the contact me page or give me a call. There is a $250 session fee that would be applied toward any portraits you decide to order.  There is no minimum portrait order.



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Rogers High School MORP 2015

Morp.  “What is Morp?”  This is the usual response I get from someone when I tell them my kids are going to this HS dance.  Morp is Prom spelled backwards.  It is a semi-formal dance where the girls ask the boys.  See, a little backwards from the traditional high school dance that most of us are used to.   Don’t let the semi-formal fool you.  For us parents of these girls, it is still about the glitz and glam.  I’ve heard horror stories about hundreds of dollars being spent on Prom.  We were able to  keep it pretty modest over here and I don’t think it kept the kids from having a good time.  Rumor has it, my son, who inherited my husbands dance moves, hit the dance floor most of the night.  Wow, this must have been a sight to see!

Before they left, I had to get a few photographs of this great group of kids.  Don’t they look fantastic!
untitled-1905-Edit                      We had such a great time trying to get a little movement on her dress.  Perfection!

untitled-1913-Edit                                                                      She makes my job so easy!untitled-1954-Edit              Such a classy dress and she gave it just enough sparkle with her statement necklace.  Love it!
untitled-1968-Edituntitled-1972-Edit                       The brother and the boyfriend.  Not sure if they planned to be so coordinated…..untitled-2003-Edit     My son was not happy that his tie matched his sister’s dress.  But look at these two, I just love them!
untitled-2020-Edituntitled-2032-EditOne of my favorites from the night.  He’s looking mighty dapper, don’t you think?

I am usually pretty good about seeing phones in pockets, but this this one slipped by me, darn it!  That’s what I get for rushing, trying to be sure I got each of the kids before my husband and I left for our own function that night.  untitled-2041-Edit                                                                            And RED!  Beautiful!untitled-1935-Edituntitled-1982-Edit

If you’d like to see the entire gallery click here.  You can download your images, without watermark, and can use them for social media posting or printing.  The download code is: 9972   Enjoy!

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Halley and Ryan | Donie Galloway Park Wedding | Champlin MN

This couple, Halley and Ryan, is one of my favorites.  They are a truly genuine couple.  What you see is what you get.  They are honest and raw, but there is no denying their love for eachother.  Ryan reminisce about early in their relationship when they met.  Apparently Halley has some pretty awesome dance moves (how did I miss this!) that caught Ryan’s eye.  Ryan had a bit of a naughty boy charm that intrigued Halley.  Little did Halley know, she caught a gem, in that Ryan was a true gentleman.  They do not take marriage lightly, and they acknowledge that marriage takes work.  But, they go back to the basics and that is love and family.  Family is so important to the both of them.

The day began at Lux Salon in Rogers.  This is where the bride and her bridesmaids gathered to get ready  the morning of the wedding.  untitled-123untitled-143Capturing a moment like this between a Bride and her mom is very special.  Amidst the chaos, it is important to take just a moment and feel the love and pride a mom has for her daughter.
SabasBlogThis was a priceless moment.  This beautiful cherub face seen in the corner admiring her mom as she has final touches done to her hair and beautiful cathedral veil.SabasBlog3I met the men and women separately at Veteran’s Memorial Park.  Halley and Ryan wanted their first look to be as she walked down the aisle, so this was very carefully choreographed to ensure their wishes.
untitled-301untitled-361A special moment between a Bride and her older sister.  There was so much love at this wedding!untitled-435-Edituntitled-504untitled-527-EditRyan’s Grandmother was very excited about the upcoming nuptials of he and Halley.  Sadly, she passed the week before the wedding.  It was obvious she was present in the hearts and minds of everyone.   untitled-989untitled-750untitled-764untitled-780untitled-820untitled-827Knowing marriage will need nurturing, Halley and Ryan had a wine ceremony within their wedding.  They each wrote the other a letter about their love for eachother.  They hope to open it on their 15th Wedding Anniversary, to sit and share a glass of wine and remember what brought them together.SabasBLog6untitled-1026-EditA little stroll after tying The Knot…untitled-1047untitled-1093Everyone loves a little humor and fun……!untitled-1270SabasBlog7untitled-1295-Edit

untitled-1426untitled-1373untitled-1384Thank you to the team that made this day possible:


Reception: The Crown Room at The Wellstead of Rogers
Hair: Alexia Smith | The Lux Salon, Rogers
Make-Up: Melissa Beetoe | Vania Skincare Maple Grove
Florist: Always Blooming Floral (Wendy)
DJ: PM Enterprises


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