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Only 5 more weeks of summer vacation for my kids.  Next week my oldest moves back to college.  I can’t believe summer is flying by!  This is obviously my favorite time of year.  I could trade in the month of January for another month of July without a second thought.  For those of you complaining about the heat and humidity -Stop it!  We dream of this weather when we are wrapped in our winter parkas with snotsicles (yes I really said that!) and frozen mittens.

Senior portrait sessions for the Class of 2016 is officially underway.  If you are thinking about booking a session with me, give me a call ASAP or click the “contact me” button on the top left.  This is especially true if you are restricted by sports and activity or club schedules.  As always, I will post a few sneak peaks on Instagram.

Here is a session from late last summer.  Meet Brennan from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth MN.  He is an awesome kid who left for a mission trip to Kenya shortly after we shot this session.  He also played forward on his Varsity Soccer team at RAHS.  Brennan, I hope you have a great first year at college!  You will do big things.

If you would like to learn more about BRP senior portrait sessions, email me

BRP is located in Rogers MN, but photographs on location in all of Mpls/St. Paul and surrounding suburbs.

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Fourth of July Leather & Lace Style

Can you believe we are midway though July already?  Crazy right!  We are about half way into our summer vacation from school.  I know I’ve got kids  returning next month.  Bitter sweet as we can’t continue the 2am bedtime. And who knew my morning girl could sleep past noon? But summer is short, and this steamy hot weather we are having is the kind I dream about in January.

I am so far behind on blogging sesssions it is embarassing!  I am going to start with the most recent and move backward.  New goal: stay current!

I love the 4th of July.  I love the colors of red white and blue, I love the social gatherings, barbecues, and I also love that it is historic in celebrating our independence of Britain and birth of our beautiful USA!

I decided to start the summer off with a bang on a Fourth of July themed session.  I totally lucked out on the weather and what a fun group representing the Classes of 2016 and 2017! These teens represent Champlin Park High School, St. Michael-Albertville (STMA) HS, Rogers HS, and Totino-Grace HS.

Sam’s red lipstick with her beautiful ivory skin are a gorgeous contrast in color. Wearing a brighter lip color on your portrait day is key to keeping your lips from getting lost.

Riley likes a relaxed style when he dresses. But you have to be careful as it can look sloppy if not done right. This look was created by The Buckle has great style and the staff there is very helpful piecing together an outfit for your senior portraits.

Katie accessorized with a classy pearl necklace. When styling for your senior portraits don’t forget accessories. A statement necklace gives a finishing touch and creates interest to your image.

Mackenzie has created texture with this lacey camino. Don’t forget to add texture to your images. Lace, fur, fringe and feathers are a few fun ways to spice things up.

Lexi has flawless ivory skin that is a photographers dream! As a teenager I would have envied her for it. Heck, at 40 (ish) I envy her for it. If you wake up with a crater on your nose the day of your session, don’t fret, each image is retouched and perfected. A few tips to help in the days leading up to your senior pictures: stay out of the sun; no sunburn or funny tan lines. Wear moisturizer and drink plenty of water; avoid caffeine. And don’t forget to moisturize your lips.

Don’t forget to bring a prop or 2. It helps to keep your senior photographs unique. A musical instrument, coveted car, favorite books, letter jacket, or sporting jersey are a few ideas. Mack brought this free and flowing scarf along with her. Yes, even an accessory can be a prop!

Who doesn’t love to share a soda with friends on a hot summer day? It was a fun way to end our session with an ice cold Coca-Cola which doubled as another PROP!

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Baby Matthew

Oh newborns!  Honesty is something I value and a part of me that makes me vulnerable.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a very private person.  But these newborns……oh they speak to my soul!  There is an purity about them, an innocence, that draws me to them naturally.  Since I was a young girl, I was drawn to them.  It’s not a surprise to me that I would consider photographing a newborn.  Having four of my own newborns, that’s about as reals as it gets.  I love them.  I mean, I really love them.

From a photography standpoint however, I’m not sure yet.  Every new mom knows newborns are exhausting.  And a newborn session opens new parents to being vulnerable as well.  It is a must for a newborn session to be successful, that all babies have a recent full feeding.  This means that moms need to feed baby here in my home studio before a session begins.  For a new mom, this is the most vulnerable position for them.  I think all new parents yearn to have beautiful images of their beautiful new baby.  But to bear their modesty to achieve such a goal is so uncomfortable.  It is my highest priority for each new family to feel the most comfort during their session.  I want each family to feel the most comfortable, to be able to open their hearts to being vulnerable in front of the camera.  This makes for beautiful images and creates memories that will be treasured forever.  For me, I am not sure of my decision to take on newborns full-time, however, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you see here.

This is baby Matthew.  His parents are no exception.  Walking in the doors of my home studio, they too were vulnerable .  I respect that.  Matthew is their first newborn.   They were obvious new parents, doting over this little person. Letting this smallest being control their every move.  But look at the beauty that was created once they felt the comfort and security I aimed to give them.  This comfort and security is what I hope each client to feel when they choose BRP.  Again, I ask you to share your thoughts on the images I share with you.  To open myself and my art to you, helps you to see into my own soul. 


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Lauren | Class of 2015 | Totino Grace High School

Lauren is one of those girls you like the instant you meet her.  She’s a little quiet, smart and respectful, and she has an aura that is just so relaxing and friendly.  I did have a bit of a heads-up on what a great girl she would be based on her brother being good friends with my son.  They come from a wonderful family and their mom was super fun to have along for this session.

Lauren also has a confident competitive side to her that she carries so well.  Lauren is in competitive cheer with Planet Spirit and I got to see a whole new side of her in action.   She put on this rockin’ uniform, that suddenly reminded me how long it had been since I was at the gym and worked out!  And what’s a senior session without forgetting a part of your wardrobe???  Thank goodness for older brothers to the rescue!  Lauren began to show me a cross between gymnastics and cheer.  It was like I got my own personal show routine, AWESOME!  I have been hanging onto these images for quite a while because it’s apparently bad luck to have anyone see your uniform before competition begins.

Congrats to Lauren on her upcoming graduation from high school!  She is an ambitious girl with a bright future.



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