What should I wear to my senior session

The Basics

Don’t wear something that you don’t feel comfortable wearing just because you think that you should wear it or someone told you to. Your discomfort will show in the photos.

Wear an outfit that you absolutely love and feel great wearing!

Layers, layers, layers. Did I mention layers work well?

Accessories! Hats, scarves, belts, boots, guitars, whatever accessories you can think of.  They BRING IT to the session. This is what can make your portraits stand out from everyone else.  Your bra is NOT an accessory- don’t show it.

Groom yourself. Clean hair, shave, and clothes are a must.


Additional Considerations for Girls

Girls, if you’re going to wear dresses or skirts, wear something underneath that will give us the maximum flexibility in what we do with the minimum possibility for embarrassment.  Some girls wear spandex or something like Cheer pants, and this is a great idea.  You know best what the possibilities might be.

Also, help mimimize bra straps.  Bring the appropriate type of bra for each outfit.  Bra straps can be outright distracting.


Clothing Considerations

You probably already do anyhow, but think in terms of the colors that go best with your complexion and hair coloring.  Wearing white is not recommended, it can wash you out. Off white and light colors work well especially if they are lacy or flowing. Texture is good.  Also, bold stripes and patterns, and logos should also be steered away from. They are very distracting.         However, color is good.

What color are your eyes?  If you wear at least one top that matches your eyes, it tends to make your eyes glow as if they had batteries in them.

Don’t get up the morning of your senior portrait session and grab whatever crawls out from under the bed.  Or simply whatever happens to be clean.  You’re only going to have senior pictures done once, so take some time to plan.


Think in terms of Outfits

We’ll go through your clothing when you first come in for your session, but what I want to see is what you would wear together, not just a random inventory of tops, bottoms and shoes.  In other words, I don’t want to sort your laundry for you, nor do we want to spend a big part of your time simply trying to figure out clothes that go together.

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